Our Story

“Stones do not make cities special. People living under those stones do”

When the number of tourists visiting Turkey started increasing rapidly in the beginning of the 2000s, we came together as a group of volunteers and asked ourselves a simple question: “With millions of tourists visiting us every year, what can we do to make their visits an unforgettable and unique cultural experience?”

We went to the touristic places and started having conversations with the tourists directly. That’s when we came up with our vision that led us to establishing the Center for Cross-Cultural Communication back in 2010.

After 10 years today, we have many dedicated volunteers who share the same vision with us. With a sincere, experienced and multilingual team, we are happy to be able to continue offering our services for free today. Here are some of our activities:

Sharing Turkish and Islamic culture, Welcoming tourists in our historic mansion, Amazing presentations in Suleymaniye mosque and Sharing special meals in Ramadan.